The shine and transparency of the Blanco comes from our double distillation process. Notice the slight taste of sweet cooked agave, honey, and herb as the flavor evolves with a pleasant taste on the palate.

The perfection of its pearl-wooden color is thanks to the 9 months of maturation. Aging in white oak bourbon barrels evoke the aromas of our beautiful Reposado. A slight note of dark vanilla and cinnamon aroma is perceived.

The strong amber color of the Añejo is an indication of the 18 month resting process that we all patiently wait for. You’ll enjoy its great spicy flavor of pepper and delicate accent of agave, which leaves the perfect combination of flavors and shows evidence that its at the exact moment of maturation. Notice the notes plum and coffee bean as the Añejo rests on the palate.

Our stunning bottle was custom designed by owner and Atlanta, Georgia entreprenuer, Timothy Maurice, who firmly believes that “Presentation is Everything”. Without a doubt, Real Azul’s unique bottle features outshine all others on the shelf and will surely encourage customers to purchase as a prize piece on their liquor shelf at home. The bottle design is that of a beautiful collector’s item that was specifically designed with perfect presentation in mind for the worlds finest tequila. Real Azul will forever change the way you view, smell, taste, and enjoy premium tequila.